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Recommend Store

Pâtisserie à la Montagne
Here is a dessert shop worthy tourists to experience. All desserts are made from fresh cream imported from Japan and ingredients imported from Europe. Each cake is handmade by highly skilled dessert.Let's experience art from dessert?
We can provide birthday cake booking and part of the goods with home delivery orders.
Tel: 0492803925
Fax: 0492803000

Ms.Man Restaurant
The restaurant has been established for 16 years. Every guest is welcome and a wedding reception is available.There are large parking lot, small parking lot of about 60, tour car parking lot of about 6.

Address:  No. 23-10,Tao Mi Road,Puli Town, Nantou County
Business hours: Work day - 11:00 ~ 14:30   |     16:30 ~21:00 
                                 Holiday - 11:00 - 21:00 

?Teana? Tourist car

Monday - Sunday, 4:40 am to 8:30 am, about 210 minutes.
Stars: Enjoy the season constellations, satellites, meteor showers.(Meteor shower and constellation is different in every month.)
Dawn: Enjoy the magnificent sea of clouds, sky canvas from breaking Dawn to dawn.
Mountain views:A variety of well-known mountain view at a glance.
*PS:Travel time will be adjusted according to the season, bad weather.Full refund of the cost of activities.